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Body Serum Mint Lemon & Rosemary

Body Serum Mint Lemon & Rosemary

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MALINNA° Body Serum Mint Lemon & Rosemary is mixed from rare raw organic oils, essential oils and natural sea salt. Unique processing methodology allows its high absorbability. It penetrates deep into the skin, detoxifies, cleanses and nourishes it. The serum helps the body to remove damaged layers of cells, nourishes and strengthens healthy cells and promotes the natural ability of cells to remove inflammatory processes. Essential oils from mint, lemon and rosemary have a unique aroma that has an uplifting effect on your body and mind and is ideal for the start of a new day. They are also known for their cooling effects, which you will appreciate especially after sports activities and in summer.

MALINNA® sera with ORP (-150mV) – (-180 mV) are the most concentrated and effective organic antioxidants in the form of liquid cleaning shower sera in the market today. Only a small amount of the product possesses a huge antioxidant quality. As the result, your skin is young & fresh, healthy and highly resistant to the environmental burden.

Note: Due to the legislative characterization of Body Serum as a cosmetic product, not a medicinal product, we are not authorized to make any claims on our website regarding the ability of the final product or its individual components to heal, cure, manage the pain or induce other changes in physiological conditions.

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