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MALINNA° Elixir Mint (ORP -200 mV) is a liquid food supplement which looks after your internal environment.

The unique processing formula of the oils releases their antioxidant potential, which directly impacts on the quality of cells and their correct division and regeneration. The oils contained in the elixir have a favourable effect on the cardiovascular system and its purification. It metabolises and facilitates excretion of the accumulated waste, heavy metals and toxins. It enhances metabolism and absorption of nutrients from ingested food. The extracts of cloves, cinnamon andlapacho are known for their ability to fight pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to its unique composition and processing, it boosts the natural microbiome and significantly contributes to better immunity and the overall regeneration of the body.

MALINNA° Elixir Mint is a basic product of the MALINNA° product line. To multiply the skin regeneration and renewal effect, we recommend combining it with the skincare products.

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